When Target cut the ribbon on its 35 redesigned stores in the Washington, DC area, it took to the streets of the nation’s capital to draw the attention of shoppers. The company rolled out 10 bright and colorful, fully-wrapped buses featuring stunning images of fresh fruit and, naturally, Target’s recognizable logo. The bus campaign was implemented in consort with the local transportation operator.

Target provided MMT with finished, templated art. Little work was required from MMT’s prepress team – no color corrections or editing were needed – but the crew had to ensure that the window perfs for each bus were perfectly aligned. All told, more than 10,100 square feet of material was printed for the job.

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The real challenge came when it was time to collate and ship the various pieces of the job. Careful labeling of each item within the set of graphics was key. The installer was extremely appreciative of the company’s attention to detail in packaging and shipping the graphics, and the system helped him complete the job in record time.